Tasting notes – Other France Regions

1-01  Vin des Pays d’Oc Vanel Merlot, Red

The soft, fruity character of this Merlot grape makes this wine agreeably easy to drink.  Ideal as an aperitif, with any type of meat and soft cheeses.

Colour:  Purple.

Nose:  Berry fruit character

Palate:  Blackberry and plum soft fruit flavour

Grape varietyMerlot

Serving temperature:  16°


1-02  Vin des Pays d’Oc Vanel, Chardonnay, white

This white has fragrant, lively fruit on the nose and a good balance of weight and acidity.  Ideal as an aperitif or with seafood dishes.

Colour: Pale yellow with golden hints

Nose: Flowers and exotic fruits notes (lychees, passion fruits)

Palate: Fresh fruit character of green apples and pear with a mineral finish

Grape variety: Chardonnay

Serving temperature: 8-10°


1-04  Caves de Fronton Manon Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, 37.5 cl

Limpid with a beautiful golden colour; powerful nose with grapefruit, apricot and quince aromas.  Warm in mouth with delicate notes of honey, white fruits and rose aromas, and a good length.  Can be served as an aperitif or as a harmonious accompaniment for foie gras, chocolate desserts and many sweet and sour dishes.

Grape variety: Small grain Muscat

Serving temperature: Chilled (6°)



1-05  Sauvignon White

Pale yellow with a hint of green.  Reminiscent of summer boxwood with a hint of peach and tropical fruits.  Clean and lively, very fruity, good length retaining freshness.  Serve with seafood, fish dishes or as an aperitif.

Grape variety:  Sauvignon

Serving temperature:  Serve cool at 13°C


1-06  Vin de Pays d'Oc Vanel Cabernet Sauvignon, Red

Deep red.

Nose: Blackcurrant and pepper.  Fruity, slightly tannic but supple and wellbalanced.  Serve at with meat, casseroles and cheeses.  Can be aged 2 to 3 years.

Grape variety:  Cabernet Sauvignon

Serving temperature:  15 to 18°C


1-07  Vin de Pays d'Oc Vanel Syrah

Purplish crimson.  Peppery with a hint of blackcurrant.  Powerful, supple and warm with subtle aromas of red berries.  Well balanced and long on the palate.  Serve with red or white meat and soft cheeses.

Grape variety:  Syrah

Serving temperature:  16°C


1-08  Vin de Pays d'Oc Vanel Syrah  Rose

Clear pale pink.  Fresh and fruity.  Lively but very supple.  A hint of flowers.  Refreshing.  Serve with delicatessen and white meat.  Drink within one year.

Grape variety:  Syrah

Serving temperature:  12°C


1-15  Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie,  Domaine de la Ferronnière 2007

Bright golden colour with green sheen.  A dry and wild wine that distinguishes itself by its mineral aroma and a special taste of fresh cut herbs.  Very refreshing, it leaves a very persistent taste in the mouth.

Grape variety: Muscadet

Serving temperature: It must be served chilled (8-10°)


1-16  Pouilly Fumé, «LES  CHAMPS DE CRIS » 2008

Nice green sheen.  Structured and persistent aromas of Sauvignon grape (flower buds and gooseberry) on a concentrated wine with a clean finish.  Good level of acidity and nice possibility of keeping.  It will bring you probably the highest pleasure alone as an aperitif

Grape variety: Sauvignon (locally called Blanc Fumé: smoked white)

Serving temperature:


1-19  Signature Bougrier, VDP du Val de Loire, Chardonnay

It has a characteristic pale yellow colour with a shade of gold and a subtle nose that will remind you of fresh butter nuts and roasted almonds.  On the palate, it is full bodied and fruity with a pleasant roundness.

Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Serving: To be served at 8 - 10°C


1-20/23-1  Signature Bougrier, VDP d’Oc Merlot

Red colour with golden shade.  Rich and full nose for a wine full of sunshine and roundness.  The tannins melt at will and this wine make us think of our grandmothers’ jams.  Every meal or cooked-pastry and fresh cheeses.

Grape varieties: 100% Merlot

Serving:  To be served at 14 - 16°C


1-21  Signature Bougrier, Touraine AOC blanc cépage Sauvignon

The Touraine Sauvignon we all love: aromatic, fresh and lively, and a rich fruit which let a full and harmonious mouth… (Lemon, passion fruit or white current).  Ideal with every sauced fish and seafood, hot seashells or goat cheeses.

Grape varieties:  100% Sauvignon blanc

Serving:  To be served at 8 - 10°C


1-22  Signature Bougrier Rosé d’Anjou AOC

Raspberry colour.  Fruity scent in mouth, mellow, very supple and rich, red fruit first flavour.  

Poultry, white meat and to refresh a hot summer day. Drink young.

Grape varieties:  Gamay noir, Cabernet franc et Grolleau

Serving:  To be served at 8 - 10°C


5-01 René Kientz Riesling Blienschwiller Appellation Alsace controlée Elegant dry white wine, Riesling is the most elegant grape of the Alsace region.  It gives dry, neat, graceful and well-balanced wine.  Aromas:  Mineral, Rose, Peach stone.  Riesling is known to be the finest Alsace wine.  Keep up to 5 years.  Riesling is brilliant with fish, shellfish, and poultry.

Grape variety:  Riesling

Serving temperature:  10-12ºC


5-05  René Kientz, Gewürztraminer, Réserve de la metzig

Gewürztraminer grapes are planted in Alsace, a French region between Germany and France that specializes in excellent dry Gewürztraminer wines.  Gewurztraminer is the most typical Alsatian wine.  The wine is delicious, fruity and with strong aromas, a flowery bouquet can even be served as a dessert wine.

Grape variety:  Gewürztraminer


5-07  René Kientz Crémant d’Alsace Brut Appellation Alsace Contrôlée Delicate sparkling wine.  A sparkling wine made the same way as Champagne.  Keep up to 5 years.  Aromas:  Red fruits, Apricot, Almond. Dessert wine

Grape variety:  Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling or Chardonnay.

Serving temperature:  6-8°C


François Voyer - Les Grandes Terres du Cognac      

100% Grande Champagne, « 1er Cru » of Cognac


10-02  V.S.O.P., 40°                                                             

Behind its golden reflections it will reveal an aroma of sun-dried flowers and a tint of apricot.  Enjoy its gentleness and aroma that linger in the palate, it is the strength of the Grande Champagne.


10-03  Napoléon, 40°                                           

Napoleon is nothing but elegance.  Having matured for a long time, it has acquired a deep amber colour with a touch of old gold, superb aromas of flowers and fruits and its subtle touch of vanilla make it a great Cognac.


10-04  X.O., 40°                                                                                

Reddish brown, tints of mahogany.  You will notice the deep woody flavour that characterizes old maturation in oak barrels.  All these aromas together have the characteristic old Cognac perfume of “Charantais Rancio”.  Strength and delicacy gives this Cognac its fine character.  Its length in the palate is exceptional.

Age:  25 years


17-02  Domaine de la Jolive, Cuvée Prestige Blanc, Sancerre

Golden yellow colour.  Rich aromas of flowers, ripe fruit, blackcurrant and exotic fruits.  Very pleasant as an aperitif or with fish courses, poultry and light cheese.

Grape variety:  Sauvignon

Serving temperature:  8ºC, to be served in an ice-bucket


17-05  Domaine de la Jolive,  tradition Rosé, Sancerre

Pale salmon pink colour.  Aromatic, with berry fruit and floral notes.  Light and lively, with a fresh, pleasant flavour. A wine for any type of food, fish courses or poultry.

Grape varieties:  Sauvignon, Pinot noir

Serving temperature:  10ºC



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