With summer upon us many couples are looking forward to a very big and important day.  We are of course talking about weddings.  So much planning goes into a wedding and getting all those important details just right.  Here at Maison Liedberg we have supplied wine to a large number of weddings and thought that it would be useful to share our wine tips with any prospective bride and grooms.  We know it’s not as important as the dress but we still think that getting the wine right for you and your guests is an essential part of making the day as special as possible.

Here are our top tips on selecting wine for your wedding:

1.    Think about your own tastes, and your guests.  We can tell you what our favourite wines are but it’s far more important that you and your guests will enjoy the wines that you are providing. Having “marmite” type wines at your wedding may not be a good move.
2.    Champagne or sparkling wine? This is a choice that all bride and grooms must make and budget is often a big consideration.  The glass of fizz is often the first thing the guests will notice about the reception part of the wedding.  Our suggestion is that you therefore plump for the best possible champagne or sparkling wine in your budget.  It can also be a good idea to serve some form of canapé with this, especially if there will be a gap before you have the meal  Even the most seasoned public speaker can be put off by constant heckling during their speech!
3.    When you are choosing your wine you also need to give some thought to your menu so that the food and wine compliment each other.  For a dish with a high fat content, such as a hog roast, you might choose a dry wine with a good acidity to cut through this and neutralise the fattiness.
4.    Do also think about your alcohol content.  People tend to drink for a much longer period of time at weddings than on other occasions.  If everybody has been drinking a 16% Shiraz from the Barossa Valley for a few hours then those beautiful speeches might not be so memorable.
5.    Make sure you get value for money.  This may involve some research.  For example, if you want a relatively light red then you might be tempted by a Burgundy Pinot Noir.  But the very mention of Burgundy adds a premium to any bottle.  So choosing a Beaujolais Village or a Cote du Rhone may still be the wine you want, with a price tag you prefer.

6.    Do also price check the wine list you are offered by your venue.  There are websites to help you do this – or you can check supermarkets or wine merchants.  This will give you an idea of the mark up the venue charges for storing and serving the wine.  This will hopefully help you to make a more informed choice.  If you are using a venue where you can supply your own wine then this will be even more important.

Here at Maison Liedberg we are always happy to give advice and make suggestions about wine for wedding days.  We can also arrange a tasting so you know exactly what you’re buying for your special day.  

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