Tasting notes - Champagne

20-02  Cuvée Blanche Brut

Cool, delicate, soft and well balanced this Champagne is loved by all, and is suited to all occasions.

Grape varieties:  70 % de Pinot Meunier et 30 % de Chardonnay


20-03  Cuvée Rebelle Extra Brut

Ideally perfect for aperitifs and cocktails, leaves a full flavoured extra dry fragrance and taste in your palate.

Grape varieties: 70 % de Pinot Meunier et 30 % de Chardonnay


20-04  Cuvée Rosé, Brut

Perfect for aperitifs and cocktails.  This Champagne has a unique inimitable aroma, is very balanced with an effortless quality that is almost impossible to describe.  An outstanding Champagne.  A rose pale colour with ruby nuances.

Grape varieties:  different sorts of Pinot, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir etc.


20-06  Cuvée LE CHARDON Millésimées, or the vintage special champagne

Is the wonder of wonders, made out from the most privileged rare grapes in outstanding vintage only.  This excellent wine gives you the unique aroma and finesse of the greatest champagnes.

Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay

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