Another enjoyable evening delivered by Paul Mappleback at Central London Wine Society.  Saint Emilion is always an interesting area to taste with the multiple classifications and the ever changing landscape of the ratings.

Its probably my favourite place to visit in the Bordeaux wine region because its so beautiful, well suited to visitors with a plethora of places to eat and drink too.

As far as the tasting went the Chateau L'Angelus 1995 was the clear winner in terms of absolute quality. It had such a lengthy and refined finish with great fruits and buttery softness.  The concentration of flavours was immense and a little overpowering.  

In terms of bang for buck I felt that Chateau Fleur Cardinale 2004 was an excellent wine at a fraction of the price of L'Angelus.  Whilst not at the same level this was below the stratosphere of Oligarchic spending power and a good bargain if there is any left, as 2004 is not necessarily famed for being a great vintage.

St Emilion Tasting
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