The Members Choice evening always offers a great chance for individuals to bring their own wines to share.  Often you get to learn a lot about an individual based on their choice.  Equally, it is with some trepidation that you make your own choice!  The budget was £20 a bottle max which a couple of members stretched by saying they had bought their bottle for less than that at the time!

I took along the Chateau de Haute Serre from Georges Vigouroux in Cahors which I had just visited with my family. This is a particularly good example of the way in which Cahors is pushing itself forward to start competing with the Argentinian's in producing high quality Malbec.  For the price (£12.00 + VAT) this is probably the best value wine at this price I have ever tasted, as you get great complexity, good balance and concentration of fruit and oaky balance, unusual in this price range.

The winner on the night for me was the McCrae Wood 2006 from the Barossa Valley, a great wine. This had absolutely bags of stewed fruit, was dry and with some acid, but huge concentration of flavour.

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